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Percussionist/Composer, Midwest, United States
Felix is basically a self-taught musician...Learning by ear!!! Felix says, "It's really all about how the music makes you feel!!! I know classically trained musicians who can play the hell out of Bach,Beethovan and Mozart, but,when asked to write an original composition ,they are truly lost.....That's strange to me!!! I do envy those Classically trained musicians,having studied some music theory,It's very difficult! Music is truly a personal thing...when it comes to writing and even listening!!! It's all about what you feel as a person! Just as the great composers wrote their symphonies.That's what they themselves were feeling at the time they wrote them,It's a personal,individual thing! So,it is with my music!" Now the world can experience the Joy that Felix brings in his music with the release of his first self-produced CD titled,“Rebirth”, 13 songs(over 75min.) of love. Felix says, “It’s not so much about me , you see,It’s all about the music!”(Enjoy!) Be on the LOOK-OUT for his 2nd CD titled ,"Can We Dance?" Available NOW 2013!! (C) 2013 Feeldatcat Music(BMI)*

Friday, May 17, 2013

Take Five With Felix Langford

Take Five With Felix Langford

Friday, August 26, 2011

Latin Jazz @ It's Best with De La Buena!!!!

Had the pleasure of checkin' out one of the hottest Latin Jazz Bands I've heard in a long time...."De La Buena"!!! The syncopated rhythms along with great horn lines and vocals....will definitely have you movin'!!! Make sure you take a listen to "De La Buena"!!!


Monday, August 15, 2011

Music from The Stars....Past,Present and Future!!!